Important information for the unionized crew aboard the Maude Adams

UFCW Canada - Clearwater Collective Agreement

Application for successorship Maude Adams

To:  Unionized Crew aboard the Maude Adams

We write to you in an effort to keep you informed as to our actions as they relate to your new vessel:

  • UFCW Canada represents the Clearwater Scallop Fleet in Canada.

  • The Maude Adams is the vessel formally named the Guardian.

  • UFCW Canada represented the crew that fished on this vessel and we are the legal, certified bargaining agent (union) for those who fish upon that vessel.

  • Clearwater sold the vessel to Adams and Knickle. As a result of the sale of the vessel, we have filed a successorship application to represent the crew who fish on this vessel.

  • As of August 30, 2016, we have asked the Nova Scotia Department of Labour for a hearing to discuss and resolve the matter as the law requires.

  • We are very aware that you do not want this issue to interfere or distract you from the job of fishing and making a living for you and your family. We will work hard to not let this interfere or distract you.

  • We believe that UFCW Canada has the superior contract in the industry, has the experience with the technology and we believe that you deserve the best chance of success for you and your family; we also are looking forward to representing you.

  • We represent the Atlantic workers of Clearwater Scallop and Lobster Fleets as well as Comeau Seafoods scallop vessels. We believe you would he best represented by a union who has a strong history of representation and innovation in the industry.

We will do our best to keep you informed as the information becomes available through our website We will be able to meet as a membership if you so wish. If you have any question or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us toll free, 1-800-565-1646, extension 413, or you can reach me on my cell at 902-802-9007.

Thank you,

Wally Cuvelier
UFCW Canada Eastern Provinces Council