Keith Northrop, 1953 - 2020

Keith NorthropIt is with great sadness that I inform you that Brother Keith Northrop, former President of Local 864 has passed away on April 29, 2020.

Brother Northrop worked for Dominion Stores Warehouse in Halifax, which became Atlantic Wholesalers, where he became a member of the Retail Clerks International Union, and then a member of UFCW Canada when it was created through a merger. Brother Northrop was a devoted and dedicated steward who was elected by the membership for many years. He was elected to the executive board of Local 864 and many negotiating committees and rose to the top position of President. Keith was always looking for ways to advance the benefits for the membership and believed that your word had to be your bond.

Keith had quite a way about him and it was awesome to see his calm demeanor work. He also loved to watch the reactions of people or employers to the many grievances he filed to achieve a better understanding of how the management and company worked. He believed that if you know how it works, you will, be better able to make it work for the membership and the union.

Keith retired several years ago and was deeply involved in Nascar Racing and using his Nascar contacts to raise funds for Leukemia research with a racing pool. He was also deeply involved in animal rescue. Keith loved family, dogs, auto-racing and Fords. All Fords, but mostly Mustangs.

Keith will be missed by many; he assisted many a member and friends. I am proud to say that he leaves behind a legacy of helping others and good works. He was a son and brother, a father, a member, but most importantly, a friend. He will not be forgotten. He will be remembered fondly and with a smile and at times, a tear. I will not drive by a racetrack without think of Keith.

Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts during this time. Further information will be forwarded as it becomes available.

In Solidarity,


Mark Dobson
UFCW Canada
Eastern Provinces Council

Below is the link to Brother Northrop’s Obituary page at Dartmouth Funeral Home: