BDM Scholarship helps UFCW 864 member with college fees

BDM Scholarship helps UFCW 864 member with college feesHalifax – January 20, 2021 – Pratik Patel is one of eighteen winners of the UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship. Currently studying Massage Therapy at Eastern College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Pratik is a proud member of UFCW Local 864.

Brother Pratik had the following to say about winning a UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship:

“I feel lucky to have been helped by the Union in this way! My field of study is offering a bright future but until my studies are completed, I struggle to meet my all needs and it is difficult managing work and school. Being a full-time student during a pandemic is challenging, as expenses and school fees mount. But this scholarship has lifted me up, like adding feathers to wings. Thanks to UFCW Canada, I feel confident soaring towards my dreams!”

The UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship offers a total of $18,000 in scholarships to UFCW Canada members and their families and is one of more than 25 union scholarships available to members and their families every year, totaling more than $300,000 in support.

To see a full list of scholarships offered by UFCW Canada, or to learn how UFCW members and family members can earn university and college credits completely free of charge, visit our Union Scholarships webpage.