Covered Bridge food processing members achieve new contract – UFCW 1288P

Covered Bridge food processing members achieve new contract –  UFCW 1288P

Negotiating committee included (l-r) Adam Harrington, Local 1288P member, Tim Hosford, UFCW Canada national representative; Robert Rossignol (absent from photo)

Waterville, NB – April 14, 2022 – UFCW 1288P members at Covered Bridge Potato Chips have achieved a new collective agreement at New Brunswick’s famous potato chip processor, tourist destination, and producer of other fine snack products including flavoured popcorns and chickpea chips.

The new contract includes a number of gains and improvements; some of which include:

  • Wage gains: Year 1 - $1.00 to $1.90 depending on job classifications; Year 2 - $0.35 across the board; Year 3 - $0.75 across the board

  • Article re: Minimum Wage: Should the Provincial government increase the minimum wage higher than the increase is in Schedule A for that calendar year, the difference will be adjusted within schedule A

  • Truth and Reconciliation Day added to List of Statutory Paid Holidays

  • Bereavement paid leave granted for immediate family increase from three to five days off.

  • Footwear allowance increase from $105.00 per year to $150.00.

  • Company to provide a clothing allowance of $150.00 per year for company provided uniform clothing. 

  • Company to pay 25% of a full-time employee’s health coverage cost starting 30 days after DOR and employee shared cost 75%.

  • In Year 3, the Company to provide an RRSP option to employees; contributions will be matched up to $520.00 per year.

  • Addition of 1 steward;  and addition of  1 negotiating committee member (increase from 2 to 3), with company to pay to maximum of 3 days instead of 2 days up to the start of conciliation.

About 70 Local 1288P members work at Covered Bridge Potato Chips, which is celebrating its 10th year in business.

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