Cavendish Farms Negotiation Updates – December 30, 2022

Cavendish Farms Negotiation UpdatesJanuary 6, 2023 – I hope you have had some time with your families and friends over the holidays. I know this is a stressful time, with ongoing negotiations, so I wanted to write to you with an update.

After the recent rejection of the Conciliation offer by the membership, I informed the Conciliator of the result and that we would be willing to meet to discuss further negotiations. The employer does not have to agree to further talks and can tell the Conciliator that, which would normally trigger the filing of a report with the Labour Minister, which starts the two-week countdown to a strike vote.

I have heard nothing back from the Conciliator, which means the two-week clock has not started. That said, I have been told Mr. Irving was at the plant yesterday, asking questions from the members about negotiations. This makes me hopeful that more dates are going to be available, and we can get another offer to bring back to you.

Please continue to support your committee and know UFCW is fully prepared to back the membership, whatever the outcome of your decisions, for as long as it takes. We know these are trying times and will continue to work with your committee to find a resolution you can support.

In Solidarity

Craig Walsh
UFCW National Representative