Cavendish Farms Negotiation Updates – January 27, 2023

Cavendish Farms Negotiation UpdatesDear Brothers and Sisters

As you know, we met with the employer in a last bid to avoid going to a strike vote. I am glad to say we were able to negotiate a recommended offer of settlement to bring back to you with significant further improvements. We improved the minimum increase to $1.50 per position with a further increase of 3% on the new total rate, from the previous $1 minimum. This will mean increases of $2.05 to $3.07 in year one with full retro pay. There is also an improvement to sick days. The only change we were not seeking is an additional year added on, at 3%. This amounts to a minimum $1.50 year one, plus 16.5% total over the 6 year deal. That means a change of over 22% to over 33% increase, most of it coming in the first year, with full retro pay. There are also numerous other improvements that will allow sick days to be earned quicker, and improve your bottom line in many ways, that were laid out in the previous offers.

We will be sending out notice shortly on meetings and vote dates and locations. Please review the attached sheets as there are many other items previously agreed upon that will also offer substantial increases in your take home money and reduce your spending during the life of this agreement.

In Solidarity

Craig Walsh

Regional Director, Eastern Provinces